Construction machinery parts market price changes

Construction machinery parts The main products of our Jinglian Machinery are also one of our company's main export products. Today we will talk about the development trend of the construction machinery parts market

According to root statistics, the total annual market for construction machinery parts in China is approximately2000Billion. Large manufacturers place their profit growth hopes on the sales of original accessories. Many enterprises have issued their own accessories stores. Theoretically speaking, brand manufacturers and enterprises sell a large number of machines, which will continue to lose accessories in their product life cycle. This is a rigid demand and should be used as a brand manufacturer enterprise to cause profit growth.

Generally speaking, the spare parts market belongs to the post-construction machinery market. In the era of shortage of construction machinery stock, the opportunities for selling new machines are relaxed, and the second mobile phone trading and spare parts market have become the market that the industry attaches importance. So, what kind of development trend will the market show after the construction machinery parts?Now let's do a detailed verification as everyone.

It is understood that brand manufacturers expect to increase the sales of original accessories, and professional accessories enterprises are also unremittingly defending their interests in accessories sales, which will lead to accessories wars. Brand enterprises are like high-end cities, accessories enterprises are like grounded villages, and cities still dominate the countryside. This is a problem. In order to facilitate the distinction, in this article, the accessories of Sany and Zhonglian manufacturers are called original accessories, and non-original accessories are collectively called professional accessories.

Industry insiders explained that the sales of construction machinery accessories is a comprehensive service, and accessories sales enterprises have three brushes to earn money: the first brush is after-sales service, and the more immediately the accessories are sold to customers, the more they can win the trust of customers. The second brush is credit support. The final customers of accessories sales are construction enterprises and machinery leasing enterprises. The receivables of these enterprises have become the norm in the industry. The sales of accessories are also subject to the phenomenon of account period. If there is an account period, there will be interest. The third brush is the scale effect, with high bulk purchase prices and low scattered sales prices.,earn money in this amount. These three brushes have only one form of expression, that is, people who buy low and sell high and earn the difference.

There are three main distribution channels for accessories,1.Parts companies sell to repair companies, and repair companies work through repair.+The replacement of the accessory sells the accessory.2.Parts companies sell parts directly to leasing companies, and large-scale leasing companies will set up their own repair teams, which buy parts for emergencies.3.Accessories enterprises sell accessories to construction units. Some construction units have their own mechanical equipment. In order to ensure the construction progress, they buy accessories for standby at the construction site and reduce the time cost of waiting for accessories when mechanical repairs are made.

The circulation channel of accessories determines the stratification of customers. High-end customers are mainly customers who are not active in quality and price. If the maintenance of construction machinery of construction units, especially large state-owned enterprises, is not subcontracted to employees, then the equipment handling part will tend to buy off the original accessories, because the price of the original accessories is relatively stable and can afford to check the audit part.;The other is that the quality of the original accessories is relatively stable. If the machinery fails, the engineering part will not complain that the accessories bought by the equipment part are fishy. Of course, there is also a mentality that is very important, that is, what is spent is public money, and you don't have to mind too much if you spend more.

The middle and low-end parts users come from repair factories and leasing companies. These two companies are more flexible in price and have different quality requirements for products from boss to boss. Repair factories and leasing enterprises have the ability to distinguish the quality of most accessories, so as to judge the cost performance of accessories. Once this judgment constitutes thinking inertia, some enterprises will insist on selecting some original accessories, and some enterprises will insist on selecting professional accessories. Because the price of original accessories may be high relative to professional accessories, low-end accessories users will tend to choose professional accessories.

First of all, from the perspective of customer stratification, the strategic consideration of large state-owned enterprises in light asset operation in the future will reduce the purchase of equipment to lease equipment. This means that the planning of repair shops and leasing companies will grow, and this price-sensitive customer may be more inclined to buy professional parts than original parts. Therefore, from the perspective of customer stratification, professional accessories have more opportunities for future development than original accessories.

Secondly, from the point of view of the way to create accessories sales, accessories sales are divided into two ways: direct sales by manufacturers and acting sales. Original accessories were once mainly sold by the after-sales effect of brand manufacturers. The talent of after-sales effectiveness will drive the talent of the new machine to sell, and the most arrogant in the new machine to sell.2010-2012During the year, the creation of the after-sales effectiveness component also reached its peak, while in2013When there were signs of a decline in sales in 2008, the after-sales effect of burning money was gradually reduced or even revoked. The after-sales part of a well-known manufacturer in Guangzhou has even been completely revoked. Original accessories without after-sales support can only be operated directly by the acting supplier or by e-commerce. Assuming that the online price of original accessories is higher than the offline price of the acting supplier, the manufacturer's own original accessories e-commerce has no chance to develop.;Assuming that the online price of the original parts is lower than the offline price of the agent, the agents of the original parts will abandon the acting right or have disputes.

Then, from the point of view of the processing cost of the way to sell accessories, the direct processing cost of the original accessories will be high due to the brand image appeal and the high quality of the processing personnel, so it is necessary to maintain the operation with high profit talent. This leads to the original accessories in addition to good quality lead to high prices, the way of high cost is also an important reason for its high price. The direct marketing of original accessories employs all job managers. To put it bluntly, they are high-grade migrant workers, who survive on salary and bonus. Assuming that the sale of original parts relies on salary to encourage migrant workers cannot ensure that24Hours of after-sales effectiveness of accessories initiative. Assuming that the original accessories rely on bonuses to mobilize the enthusiasm of migrant workers, it does not rule out the possibility that migrant workers secretly sell professional accessories part-time, and the possibility of rich monks and poor temples is very high. The planning of professional accessories manufacturers is small, and the boss usually handles the sale in person. These bosses are characterized by being on call and have no weekends. The boss of professional accessories integrates the ownership and processing power of the enterprise, and there is no mentality of eating inside and outside. Assuming that the original parts adopt the direct approach, the likely result is high operating costs and the effectiveness of talent is difficult to ensure.

Finally, from the point of view of the sale of accessories on credit, the price of original accessories is more transparent, which is both good and bad. For cash buying, price transparency is good and good.;As for credit sales, price transparency is not necessarily a good thing. Accessories sellers will be more inclined to choose professional accessories with less transparent prices when selling accessories on credit. Due to the opaque prices of such accessories, customers cannot verify how much the interest cost of credit sales is added. On the contrary, some customers will think that buying professional accessories is cheaper than buying original accessories and can still pay on credit.

Based on the above aspects, assuming that China's economy continues to decline and the profitability of the construction machinery industry continues to be sluggish, more accessories end customers will join the price-sensitive team. After all, the results of the accessories war are likely to be rural areas surrounding cities.

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