Strengthening Personnel Management and Improving Overall Quality

Jinglian Machinery Company issued a preliminary plan in 2019 to strengthen labor discipline and on-site management, so that employees can develop a good working habit and create a good working environment. Since February this year, the plan has been officially implemented. Starting from labor discipline, gfd, site environment and living environment. Continuously strengthen daily inspections and impose corresponding penalties on those who do not comply with the management system. In a short period of one month, the whole factory area has taken on a new look. In the past, cigarette butts were everywhere. Now it is difficult to find one. The working environment of the workshop has changed more. The whole workshop is clearly planned. The materials and workpieces are placed in an integrated way. The clothing of employees is worn.




Various updates and improvements bring new features to Beijing Union

Since the beginning of 2019, Jinglian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has continuously made various improvements within the company, and the factory regulations, labor discipline, gfd, work and production environment, staff catering and other aspects have grown. The standardized operation of the production workshop and the inspection and inspection of each process are even more strict and strict. At present, the internal quality inspection basically realizes no leakage, no loss and perfect and clear records.




Instructions for use of wire mesh machine

In order to let customers know more about our wire mesh machine, we will talk about the main components, specifications and instructions of the wire mesh machine. 1. Main components and specifications The main components in the direction according to the weaving process: coiling device, beating device, opening device, let-off device, etc. MaincomponentsandspecificationInthedirectionofthetechnicalflowforweaving,itmainlyconsistsof:take-upunit




Employee care promotion

In recent years, the management of our Jinglian Machinery Company has become more and more standardized, but there are still many shortcomings. The main points are as follows: 1. The number of protective equipment is small; 2. Pay less attention to the health of front-line employees in the workshop; 3, employee benefits need to be improved; 4. The incentive mechanism for key employees of the company is not perfect. Our company has improved the above deficiencies. 1. According to the needs of different jobs, we will uniformly distribute qualified labor protection equipment and supervise employees to wear and use them correctly. Earplugs and protective glasses have now been purchased, and the iron-head protective shoes will be perfected in the future. 2. Organize one each year




2019 Jinglian Promotion Plan

The overall improvement plan for 2019 is divided into four aspects as a whole: deficiencies before improvement: 1. The transportation process is easy to cause bumps; 2. Cleanliness is not easy to be guaranteed; 3. Dismantling waste during use; 4. Garbage generated during production, affecting the working environment. The effect after improvement: 1. Place it separately to avoid collision during transportation; 2. The sealing effect is good and the cleanliness is guaranteed; 3. Take it directly during use to reduce the waste of unpacking; 4. Environmental protection recycling to eliminate production garbage




Packaging Technology of Construction Machinery Parts

The packaging technology of construction machinery parts Our main products of Jinglian Machinery are: wire mesh looms, automobile transmission parts, tractor parts, railway parts, compaction paver parts and other products. Today we talk about the packaging technology of construction machinery parts. With the continuous development of society, the machinery manufacturing industry is now increasingly demanding accessories. Some construction machinery parts require very high precision. Although we are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the customer's design drawings, the construction machinery parts finally delivered to the user's hands are quite different from those at the factory. So how can we ensure that our Jinglian factory




Advantages of Jinglian Machinery

What's the matter with Jinglian? Why choose Jinglian? 1 Years of production experience Strength industry wins the championship * Focus on the research and development, design, production, sales and installation of screen machines, auto parts, engineering machinery parts, etc. One-stop service * Modern management of production workshop. Optimized processing technology and perfect management process. Fast supply for customers 2 introduction of advanced technology and equipment through international certification * introduction of advanced production equipment and scientific management to ensure product quality * in line with IATF16949:2006 international standard system certification, with a number of national patent technology * selected raw materials, high-quality technical workers, precision machine tools,




Fu Ke Fang: The "Gold Point Division" on the Production Line"

The production efficiency is increased by 60%, the equipment stagnation time is reduced by 50%, the inventory is reduced by 90%, and the rate of unqualified products is reduced by 10%... In Fu Ke Fang's eyes, Yongliang's production link still has a lot of room for improvement and promotion. In January 2013, after Fu Kefang joined Yongliang, he began to establish and implement a lean production management system in an all-round way-through scientific optimization and standardized management of various production factors, every resource put into production can achieve the maximum output. "This is a stone into gold!" Liu Hui, Yongliang's production manager, sighed, "The orders received this year far exceed those of previous years, but I don't have to work for the production task."




Jinglian Wire Mesh Machine

People's living standards are improving day by day, and the personalized needs of all aspects are becoming more and more intense. As the machinery manufacturing industry, which has penetrated into all walks of life and has become a basic industry, is facing severe challenges, reform and innovation has become the inevitable way for the development of enterprises. The level and scale of machinery manufacturing industry is one of the important symbols to measure the level of science and technology and economic strength of a country, and its development directly affects the development of various sectors of the national economy. With the advancement of modern industrialization and the increasing number of enterprises, China's machinery manufacturing industry has ushered in a sunrise period. High-quality equipment makes the enterprise long-term and effective development, Raoyang County Jinglian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional




Foreign trade plan

Foreign Trade Promotion Plan At present, the main ways of foreign trade promotion are 1 exhibition 2 cooperation with foreign trade companies 3B2B platform promotion 4 Google promotion 5 email promotion. The first two are traditional ways of promoting foreign trade. Behind is the Internet foreign trade promotion. We plan to do it together with Google B2B platform. Google push official website, push the main products. B2B platform to push all can push products. The promotion of B2B platform is mainly based on Alibaba International Station (five sub-accounts of one main account can be operated by six people at the same time). Among them, there are 69846 wire mesh machine products and 1397 suppliers. 270120 flange products and 2503 suppliers


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