Fu Ke Fang: The "Gold Point Division" on the Production Line"

Increased production efficiency60%, so that equipment stagnation time is reduced50%, let the inventory decrease90%, so that the rate of non-conforming products is reduced.10%... In Fu Kefang's eyes, there is still much room for improvement and promotion in Yongliang's production process.

2013Year1In January, after Fu Kefang joined Yongliang, he began to establish and implement a lean production management system in an all-round way-through scientific optimization and standardized management of various production factors, every resource put into production can achieve maximum output.

"This is a stone into gold!" Liu Hui, Yongliang's production manager, sighed, "The orders received this year are far higher than in previous years, but I don't have to worry about the pressure of production tasks."


Yongliang attracts "golden phoenix"

Fu Kefang, an outstanding management talent honed in Baoding enterprises, is a visiting professor of Hebei Agricultural University. Among the students he teaches are masters and doctoral students, as well as many young entrepreneurs who have not gone to university. He has guided many enterprises to improve management mode, optimize management process and improve production efficiency.

2006In 2002, Fu Ke Fang instructed Dongli Machinery (a company that exports mechanical parts) to improve its production management model. When a foreign customer came to China for an inspection, he exclaimed, "The production and management methods of some large enterprises in our country are nothing more than that. I didn't expect that an enterprise in northern China, which has made such rapid progress, can do such a good job in management!"

2008In 2003, Great Wall Motor Group Company had a lean logistics project. Due to various reasons, it has been promoted for more than a year and has been standing still without any results. On the verge of failure, they invited Fu Ke Fang, hoping to use his professional knowledge and project experience to recover the defeat. Fu Kofang quickly found the problems in the project, and after discussion with other project members, he quickly determined the guiding theory, clarified the scope of the project and established the process guidance method. In his concept, there is no stop, it must be moved first, even a little bit, the problem is always more than expected. Through his guiding idea of "easy before difficult, less before more, inside before outside", the project finally moved and achieved remarkable results. Inventory Turnover Reduced15Days, inventory pressure funds reduced.8000million, the production cycle is shortened.50%The efficiency of logistics distribution has also been greatly improved.

After the project was completed, the Great Wall Company wanted him to stay and take up the position of senior management. However, he did not want to be bound in the internal environment of the enterprise, so he declined. Fu Ke Fang said generously, "I hope there will be a broader stage for display. I didn't plan to work in any company, but I didn't expect that I finally came to Yongliang".

Why choose Yongliang, Fu Kfang said, the biggest reason is that he and Chairman Duan Liang have a sense of mutual identity and the dream of pursuing a career together.

"Duan is always a steadfast person who does practical things, which is very similar to me. His life is simple, and he is also very low-key. The company has achieved the current scale, and he has enough conditions to enjoy a better material life. However, he has always worked tirelessly for the dream of doing a good job in the towel business, which makes me really admire. This is what I have been looking forward to. I will devote myself wholeheartedly to a career, strive to do it well, and realize more self-worth." Fu Ke Fang said with a smile that Duan Liang's personality charm moved him and he was willing to pursue the same dream as Yong Liang.


Lean Production Begins

China's northern enterprises, due to the long-term influence of old ideas, the new management model to take root is not easy to say.

"Things are man-made, people are right, people are right, people are right," Fu Kefang said. The most important thing is to work together and have the same concept. It is easy to establish system norms and standard operations, but the difficulty lies in how to make people recognize and accept these advanced management methods from the heart. Only by accepting it from the bottom of my heart can the implementation not be out of shape or discounted.

What Fu Ke Fang wants to create is the "management with eyes" mode, on the spot5SManagement is the foundation. That is, finishing (Seiri), rectification (Seiton), cleaning (Seiso), cleaning (Seiketsuu), literacy (Shitsuke) five aspects of management.

"Some people think5SIt is a misunderstanding that just improving the on-site sanitary environment will not bring economic benefits and is of no great use.5SThe essence is to effectively control and manage the production factors such as personnel, machines, materials, methods, and environment in the production site. Through continuous and standardized management, we can improve quality, increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure on-time delivery. It can also ensure safe production and continuously enhance the high morale of employees."

Fu Kefang said that due to insufficient understanding of employees, it was very difficult to implement in the early stage, and the speed of promotion was also very slow, such as perfunctory mentality, incomplete implementation, frequent recurrence of problems, etc. In order to strengthen the determination to standardize management, Tian Zong (Tian Haitao) has participated in on-site improvement inspectors for several months in a row, and has also been angry with responsible leaders who have not been improved in place,5SSo hard to push forward. At present, there are many on-site specifications in various workshops, and 1.1 changes have stimulated the enthusiasm of the employees. The employees have changed from being ordered to doing it to doing it on their own initiative. On-site management has made many problems more obvious. The workshop director has gradually changed from being responsible for simple workshop affairs to proactively "finding problems and solving problems". Fu Kefang said: "On-site management has no end, no end, and will continue to push forward no matter now or in the future".

Standard operation is the key, not necessarily the old staff's operation method is correct, standard operation needs to combine safety, quality, efficiency, cost and other factors, fully consider the operation steps and time. Many companies are highly dependent on old employees, and still use the method of'pass, help, and lead' to train new employees. It is difficult to ensure the consistency of product quality and production balance.

"Without standards, there is no entry point for improvement," Fu Kefang said. "Standard homework is the basis for judging right and wrong, the best teaching material for training new employees, and the guarantee of product quality".

A few months later, the standard operation began to play its effectiveness. "New employees are much more efficient this year than in previous years," said the director of the fine package workshop proudly. "In the past, new employees had to be trained for at least two months to become qualified employees. Now, new employees are trained with standard work. In about three weeks, new employees can be skilled in their posts".

At present, Fu Ke Fang is counting the relevant data, and some actual data are still fully counted, but according to his experience, it is estimated that the production efficiency will at least be improved.30%Above. He said, "This is far from enough. We still need to observe, find problems and make continuous improvement."


The "Yongliang Pace" on the Road to Brand"

"I have seen many enterprises, but Yongliang is the first enterprise of the same scale to unswervingly implement lean production." Speaking of this, Fu Kefang's face was filled with a proud smile.

The ultimate goal of lean production is to eliminate all ineffective labor and waste in the production process, effectively use resources, reduce costs, improve quality, and ultimately achieve the goal of maximum output with the least input.

However, achieving this goal is not easy. This requires repeated review of each production process, and cancellation of all unnecessary processes; but also to consolidate, simplify, and reorder processes on the premise of ensuring quality and improving efficiency. Even when necessary, but also to the workshop transformation, process innovation.

"The promotion of lean is a systematic work and needs to be perfected to establish a corresponding business model./Process/methodology, management system, and not just stay in the fragmented, non-systematic practice. It covers many aspects from market development, product design and development, procurement management, warehouse management, production management, logistics and distribution, quality management, equipment management to after-sales service and customer relationship management. All links should be linked up and coordinated, requiring long-term persistence and continuous improvement."

Fu Kefang pointed to the business plan on the kanban and said that Yongliang is currently establishing a raw material procurement control system to control product quality from the source of cotton yarn; team building system to speed up the training of workshop production personnel; establish equipment maintenance system, overhaul and maintain equipment as planned, and prevent uncontrollable equipment failures from affecting the production schedule... There is still a lot of work to be done.

"Duan's overall vision is very long-term," Fu Kefang said with emotion. "At present, China's towel industry has not yet produced a truly successful brand, and all towel brands in the market are racing forward. Whoever can take the lead in establishing an advanced management model will be the first to have advanced and stable product quality, and will have the opportunity to become a leading brand in the industry. The comprehensive establishment of a lean production management system is another step for Yongliang to become a first-line successful brand. Big step."


   Lean management, small warehouse can also dig out big benefits

Just before the interview, Fu Kafang had just returned from Taiyuan, Shanxi. The main purpose of this trip was to assist dealer Tian Jin in logistics planning. After two days of on-site research and actual business exchanges, the final planning plan was determined. Before leaving, Tian Jin held his hand tightly and said excitedly, "I have had a headache for more than ten years. You have solved it for me in two days. It's amazing!"

For a long time, Tian Jin's warehouse has not invested energy in management for a long time, resulting in various problems. When he heard the course content about warehouse logistics management in Yongliang Business School, his eyes lit up. Shortly after the meeting, he contacted Fu Kefang and invited him to Shanxi to help him improve his logistics problems.

"Logistics operations are the top priority related to product quality and corporate services, and inventory often takes up a lot of funds, and if it cannot be turned around efficiently and quickly, it will be wasted." Fu Kefang said that through visits to dealer partners, he found that many partners did not do as expected. Therefore, he hopes to help Yongliang's dealer partners create more benefits through lean management of warehousing and logistics.

The trip to Shanxi mainly assists dealers in improving the content in four aspects: one is to improve the management of the warehouse, including standardizing the location, clear identification, space utilization, etc.; the second is to clarify the standardized process, so that the goods can be exported, imported, and counted. The third is the design of logistics routes to solve the waste of resources in secondary transportation, handling, and supermarket distribution; the fourth is to establish an information system to accurately and timely reflect inventory information. It is expected that after the completion of the transformation, it can accelerate the turnover of goods.50%, increase profits3%Above.

"Yongliang does these things completely free of charge. The purpose is to sincerely help dealer partners improve basic management so that they can grow and make progress together with Yongliang." Fu Kafang said, "I firmly believe that Yongliang will be able to become a large group enterprise such as Haier and Lenovo in the future. It is my honor and my wish to participate in this process and build a brilliant enterprise by myself."


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