How to repair and maintain the non-stop weaving machine?

I bought itnon-stop mesh weaving machineAfter that, many customers do not know how to maintain the equipment. In fact, the full CNC braiding machine needs cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and other steps, such as routine mechanical maintenance. The routine maintenance of the weaving machine uses general methods, such as wiping, cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting the knitting needles, minute needles and other parts. Regular maintenance of knitting needles, including maintenance of separation needles, to maintain and protect the performance and technical status of equipment, is called equipment maintenance.

non-stop mesh weaving machineThere are four main requirements for maintenance:

(1) Cleaning: The inside and outside of the equipment are clean and tidy. All sliding surfaces, screws, racks, gearboxes, oil holes, etc. are free of oil, and all parts are free of oil or air leakage. The dirt around the equipment should be cleaned;

(2) Neat: Tools, accessories and workpieces (products) must be placed neatly, and pipes and pipelines must be neat.

(3) Good lubrication: add oil in time or change oil in time, keep oil injection, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, bright oil stains, unobstructed oil path, oil quality meets the requirements, oil gun, oil cup and linoleum are clean

(4) Safety: Comply with the safety operation procedures, do not use the equipment to overload, the safety protection device of the non-stop weaving machine is complete and reliable, and the unsafe factors are eliminated in time.

compared with steel wire fence, barbed wire fence, and stone fence,non-stop mesh weaving machineHas the following advantages:

1. High-strength galvanized steel wire is used for weaving bars. High strength and high tensile force enable it to withstand the violent impact of cattle, horses, sheep and other animals, making it safe and reliable.

2. The steel wire, the surface is galvanized, and other parts take anti-rust and anti-corrosion measures to adapt to the harsh working environment, and the service life is up to 20 years.

3.non-stop mesh weaving machineThe rolling wave technology is adopted to enhance the elasticity and buffer function, and can adapt to the deformation of thermal expansion and contraction, so that the grid is always kept tight.

4. The full CNC braiding machine has simple structure, convenient maintenance, short construction period, small size, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, and light ventilation without affecting the terrain.

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Fully automatic weaving machine is a kind of large-scale industrial equipment, which needs regular maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine and help to extend the service life of the machine. The maintenance failure of the machine will affect the normal operation of the machine, the machine parts will be damaged, and the service life of the equipment will be affected over time.

Strengthening Personnel Management and Improving Overall Quality

Jinglian Machinery Company issued a preliminary plan in 2019 to strengthen labor discipline and on-site management, so that employees can develop a good working habit and create a good working environment. Since February this year, the plan has been officially implemented. Starting from labor discipline, gfd, site environment and living environment. Continuously strengthen daily inspections and impose corresponding penalties on those who do not comply with the management system. In a short period of one month, the whole factory area has taken on a new look. In the past, cigarette butts were everywhere. Now it is difficult to find one. The working environment of the workshop has changed more. The whole workshop is clearly planned. The materials and workpieces are placed in an integrated way. The clothing of employees is worn.

Various updates and improvements bring new features to Beijing Union

Since the beginning of 2019, Jinglian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has continuously made various improvements within the company, and the factory regulations, labor discipline, gfd, work and production environment, staff catering and other aspects have grown. The standardized operation of the production workshop and the inspection and inspection of each process are even more strict and strict. At present, the internal quality inspection basically realizes no leakage, no loss and perfect and clear records.

Machining industry knowledge

In order to let customers know more about our company and the machinery manufacturing industry, I will give you a detailed introduction to our company's various production equipment and machinery manufacturing industry knowledge. Machine tool is a machine that processes metal blanks into machine parts. It is a machine that makes machines, so it is also called "working machine" or "machine tool". It is customary to refer to machine tools for short. There are many ways to process mechanical parts in modern machinery manufacturing: in addition to cutting, there are casting, forging, welding, stamping, extrusion, etc., but all parts with high precision requirements and surface roughness requirements are generally required to be cut on the machine tool.

Mechanical processing industry knowledge-boring machine

Today we introduce some historical stories about boring machines and some related knowledge. 1, the earliest boring machine designer-Da Vinci boring machine is called "the mother of machinery". Speaking of boring machine, we have to talk about Leonardo da Vinci first. This legendary figure may have been the first designer of a boring machine for metal processing. The boring machine he designed is powered by water or foot pedals. The boring tool rotates close to the workpiece, which is fixed on a moving table driven by a crane. In 1540, another painter drew a picture of "fire engineering" with the same boring machine. At that time, the boring machine was specially used for fine addition of hollow castings.

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