Selection Guide for Construction Machinery Parts

Construction machinery parts are the basis for ensuring the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Due to the demand for maintenance machinery and profit-driven, a variety of imported construction machinery and auto parts have appeared on the market, but the quality is uneven. Not only now, the construction machinery market has been chaotic so far, and the eyes of all customers have been tested. Any parts of poor quality will bring potential construction hazards. So, the following together to understand the construction machinery accessories purchase guide!

1. identification from the outer packaging

Identification through packaging is an important step in verifying the authenticity of construction machinery accessories. The pure parts and the parts of foreign professional supporting manufacturers are beautifully packaged, and the color, pattern and style have certain rules, which are generally difficult to imitate. Imitation of the packaging is relatively rough, easy to identify. However, some replicators rely on modern advanced printing technology to make real production of parts packaging. If they do not know carefully, it is difficult to distinguish. Imported mechanical parts generally have outer packaging and interior decoration, and the outer packaging has packing boxes and packing boxes. The inner packaging is generally marked wrapping paper and plastic bags or paper bags. The outer box (box) of pure parts is marked with manufacturer's uniform, clear printing and excellent paper), indicating the part number, name, quantity, production plant and country.

When identifying the packaging of construction machinery parts, it is also important to note that construction machinery and original parts manufacturers have their own professional supporting factory parts suppliers. When importing parts from manufacturers, the packaging box has the factory logo of the whole machine and the logo of the supporting factory.

2. from the product quality identification

Identification of imported mechanical parts according to product quality is an important link in identifying the authenticity of original parts. Driven by profits, some dealers assemble imported pure parts into complete machines, install pure parts in the packaging of pure parts and sell them to the market. Therefore, to confirm the authenticity of imported parts, check the inherent quality of the product. The identification of product quality is mainly observed, detected and tested.

1) Check from the appearance. Look at the appearance of the product processing is fine, color is normal. If there are samples of genuine parts, a control check can be performed. The surface of the general imitation is rough, and the color of the product is not correct.

2) Check the product identification. Imported parts are printed with brand marks, part numbers, specific codes, etc. Some products are engraved with manufacturing plants and countries of production. Imitation is not leakage casting, handwriting is not clear, it is difficult to achieve the effect.

3) Measure the size of the product through special operations to confirm whether it meets the requirements. Some manufacturers provide measuring tools to customers to prevent fakes.

4) Product performance test. Since some parts do not know the authenticity in the appearance inspection, it is necessary to use a special machine to check.

5) The physical and chemical properties of the product are tested. This is generally the method used when claiming compensation from the manufacturer when there is a question about the internal quality of the product or when there is a problem in use.

3. discriminates according to product price

Even if it is the same part, the original parts, professional factory parts, domestic parts and imitations are very different. The price of the original parts is high, followed by professional factories, and the price of domestic products and imitations is low. Generally, the price of original parts can exceed one or two times that of imitations, and some are even higher; the parts of foreign professional supporting factories are lower than the original parts of the whole machine factory. Regular large quantities of imported parts and components to implement the agreement price negotiated with foreign investors, usually haircut to buy parts and components to implement the annual unified catalog price of foreign investors. Foreign businessmen also have preferential prices for regular processing of spare parts. The quotation of these parts is calculated according to the import exchange rate at that time, plus customs duties, transportation miscellaneous purposes, etc., converted into the unit price of parts, which is the normal price well known to the industry. Parts that are cheaper than usual can be judged as non-pure parts or professional factory parts. It should be noted that tax cuts in the import sector and price increases at intermediate dealers have also caused prices to deviate from normal standard prices.

4. according to the purchase channel analysis

At present, there are many import channels, but there are two aspects. One is directly imported from abroad, and the other is purchased from dealers. The quality of parts directly imported from foreign machinery factories and parts supporting factories is guaranteed. If the part is purchased from the sales shop, the above method is used for identification. In addition, all mechanical parts imported directly from abroad have order contracts, bills of lading, waybills, packing lists and invoices. The above formalities can be presented when purchasing parts from importing companies. Otherwise, it can be concluded that it is not an import.

The above introduction is the construction machinery parts purchase guide, in the identification of construction machinery parts, a variety of methods, do not use a single method, according to the different types of parts and different identification methods, can be integrated use, identify the authenticity of imported parts.

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