What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of stainless steel wire rope net? How to prevent corrosion? Stainless steel mesh weaving machine to introduce

Stainless steel wire rope net maintenance should pay attention to what matters? How to carry out anti-corrosion? Stainless steel mesh weaving machine to introduce.


The stainless steel mesh weaving machine understands that the steel wire rope net is a high-strength flexible steel wire rope net (diamond wire rope net, ring net, high-strength steel wire mesh) as the main component, and the entire system is composed of anchor rods, support ropes and other accessories. Cover and reinforce the slope to prevent the hazards of slope rock collapse, rolling stones and blasting flying stones.

Stainless steel mesh weaving machine summarizes the precautions in the maintenance of steel wire rope:

1. Rust and ash scale on the steel wire mesh shall be brushed off with a steel wire brush and oiled.

2. The service life of the wire rope net has a lot to do with the method of use, and it should be used according to regulations. No dragging or throwing. Overloading is not allowed in use. Sharp bending of the wire rope net is not allowed. Do not allow sharp changes in vertical speed to avoid impact loads.

3. After the steel wire rope net plate is made, it should be placed in a clean and dry place, and should not be stacked in an overlapping manner to prevent sprains.

4. The wire rope net should be oiled once every 4 months. When oiling, the rope core should be soaked with hot oil (about 50), and then wipe off the excess grease.

5. In use, if oil droplets are extruded from the surface of the wire mesh, it means that the wire mesh has been subjected to considerable force. At this time, stop increasing the load, check the steel wire mesh, and replace the new steel wire mesh.

6. The end of the wire rope net is fastened with steel wire or welded with low melting point alloy, and can also be fastened with iron hoop to avoid loosening of the rope head.

Among them, there are special lubrication and maintenance products for steel wire mesh, which can form a lubricating protective film on the surface of steel wire mesh to prevent water erosion, reduce vibration and prevent corrosion.

Stainless steel mesh weaving machine summarizes the anti-corrosion measures of stainless steel wire rope:

1. oiling

All stainless steel wire ropes must be oiled before leaving the factory.

First the fiber core is impregnated with oil, which can lubricate the wire rope from the inside. Secondly, the surface oiling can evenly coat a layer of anti-rust grease on the surface of all stainless steel wires in the strand. Among them, the rope used in the mine with friction lifting and large mine water should be coated with black grease with high wear resistance and water resistance. Other uses, coated with red oil grease with strong film-forming property and good rust resistance, require a thin layer of oil layer to keep it clean during operation.

2. coating

Generally galvanized, aluminized, coated nylon or plastic.

Galvanizing is divided into thin coating after steel wire plating and thick coating after wire drawing. Thick coatings have lower mechanical properties than smooth wire ropes and should be used in severely corrosive environments.

Aluminized steel wire rope is more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and heat-resistant than galvanized steel wire rope. It is mainly used for trawlers and mines containing H2S. Wire ropes coated with nylon or plastic are divided into coated ropes and stranded ropes, the former is used for static ropes, and the latter is used for dynamic ropes.

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