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CNC Gold Steel Mesh Braiding Machine

Brand Jinglian processing customization is the overall size of 4500*3300*2200 weight 12t type molding machine alias mesh weaving machine motor power 5.5kw color green use weaving diamond mesh CNC diamond mesh weaving machine can realize one machine weaving a variety of mesh crimped net, first the warp silk rolling, then the diameter, and then fully automatic weaving. This type of mechanical warp and weft wire error automatic shutdown alarm, micro-electric numerical control control, simple operation, energy saving, time saving, labor saving, changing the mold can be carried out various mesh diamond net weaving. Diamond net is a new type of high-end household profile on the market, suitable for assembly in the relatively new high-end doors and windows, to meet the needs of high-end customers. It not only has the effect of insect prevention and theft prevention, but also achieves the effect of aesthetics. The state of the net is iron plate-shaped, hard, and the impact resistance is super strong, which is the most significant feature of our products. Light transmission is very good, from the inside to the outside to see high clarity, from the outside to the inside to see blurred, can create a safe and comfortable private space for you, at the same time can block mosquitoes into the room, is the room and office space warm, safe, anti-theft, bulletproof products. 1. Product application: Diamond net anti-theft screen window is made of high-strength stainless steel wire diameter heavy-duty precision loom. The surface is sprayed and matt, and is concealed on aluminum doors and windows. It is organically compounded into one body. It has high strength, simplicity and strength, shear resistance, impact resistance and other high-quality properties, and truly embodies the advantages of anti-theft, insect prevention, ventilation, beauty, safety and the like. 2. Main Uses: The diamond net produced by the full-automatic diamond net weaving machine is widely used in balconies and windows of high-grade residential areas such as residential unit buildings, villas and garden houses. Office doors and windows of office buildings, office buildings and enterprises and institutions; Residential buildings with stainless steel anti-theft nets and stainless steel gate cannot be installed; Customers who like simple and generous window decoration but also have anti-theft, fire prevention and mosquito prevention functions.

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Wire mesh machine

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JL130-300-2J/DSeries of large-scale shuttleless wire mesh knitting machine is a model independently developed by our factory,The beating-up structure adopts secondary weft binding, which improves the weaving accuracy. The three-piece steel structure fuselage and high-strength mechanical performance design enable the machine to withstand large radial tension, flexible rapier linear weft insertion, mechanical intermittent automatic diameter feeding, net rolling, pedal lifting, warp and weft wire break self-checking stop, with high weaving accuracy, large beating force, wide weaving range, smooth mesh surface, various lines, etc, can prepare all kinds of metal mesh belt, contrast dense mesh and square hole mesh, twill mesh.Main technical parameters:

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