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ZWJ--1300 hanging heddle type wire mesh machine

Overview: Suitable for metal wire mesh weaving industry, can be prepared empty mesh, dense grain mesh and other non-metal mesh. Its preparation products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, aviation and other industries. Reliable use, simple operation, reduced raw materials, good quality and high production efficiency. Main features: 1 strong adaptability to metal wire; 2 large adjustment range. There are various lines, such as plain weave, oblique weave, Zhu Zi weave and conical contrast dense weave net. 3. It adopts shuttleless linear weft insertion, mechanical automatic warp feeding and roll taking, with small opening, smooth net surface and less net disease. 4 It has the functions of warp breaking, weft breaking, automatic parking and display; 5 The whole machine has low center of gravity and low noise. Technical parameters: model: mechanical, fully automatic, semi-automatic speed: 70 times/min maximum mesh width: 1300/1600/1800/2600mm wire diameter: 0.01-0.45mm mesh density 20-130 mesh color green warranty period: 1 year certification: IATF16949:2016 delivery photos:

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Wire mesh machine

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ZWJ-1300 hanging heald metal weaving machine isZWJ-The deformed product of 1300D wire mesh machine is a new model with major modifications to some parts according to customer needs. The rigidity and strength of the model have been greatly improved. The pawl mechanism is adopted for the winding net send-off, the ratchet wheel diameter is large, and the use is more reliable. Suitable for diameter 0.10-0.45mm,20-130The weaving of standard mesh wire mesh is an ideal wire mesh weaving machine for users.The machine andZWJ-The main differences of 1300D mesh loom are as follows; 1. The body is lengthened, the base channel steel is increased, the rigidity is increased, and the stability is good. 2. Gear drive. 3. The rolling net mechanism adopts the adjustment offset disc driven by the crankshaft, and the ratchet wheel is driven by the pull rod pawl. More reliable performance.

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